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Brother walks away with a huge mess still in her hand.

Anastasia later wakes up to find a mess in her hand. Talking on the phone Sydney doesnt hear the strange woman enter her house or sneak up behind her.

With a quick motion the woman puts a rag over her face. Slowly, taking pleasure at each moment, the woman strips Sydney like a Christmas present.

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What Dava doesnt know is that her friend has her drink. He grabs her from behind and rags her face as she struggles helplessly against his strong arms.

Dava falls not knowing what’s going to happen to her.

Now is the time to do whatever he wants to the powerless hottie. He plays with her like a doll, using her body for his enjoyment.

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Check this out, you get 9 days for free with a 90-day account, and 37 free days with a 1-year account! Sincerely, Site Admin Heavy sleeping Anastasia took a nap on the couch after class. He tests to see if she is still sleeping and then proceeds to strip his sister nude.

He lifts and carries her limp body around the room.

He then puts her hand down his shorts and rubs his cock till he leaves a sticky mess in her hand.

Picking her up in her arms she waits as Sydney’s eyes flutter open.

Go to sleep the woman says putting the rag over her face. I have to pretend to pass out Dava says to her friend. He asks confused as she rags herself and in his arms.


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